Max Verstappen On Next Season’s Drive to Survive?

Did you miss the world champion in season 4 of Drive to Survive? Did you even notice he wasn’t in it?

He told media that he wasn’t going to be featured in season 4 of the Netflix show because he didn’t like the “fake drama” the show was creating and showing as truth. Obviously, he’s never watched The Bachelor—but when the “out of context” is about you, the frustration makes sense.

Verstappen was obviously in the show a lot, but it was all press conference or race footage. No sit-down interviews in the blacked out set.

Lando Norris felt the same way about the show, but didn’t go as far as to not give interviews. But now, there’s reason for hope that Verstappen will be sitting down with producers for season 5.

Teams Struggle to Make Weight

The weight limit for the 2022 cars is 798kg, raised 3kg in a compromise with teams. That’s a minimum weight limit, meaning you can be above that all you want, but you can’t go lower.

The cars are heavy, and teams have been doing anything they can to get lighter—as close to the limit as they can. But it’s turning out to be a struggle.

McLaren and Aston Martin have even removed paint from their liveries to save a few hundred grams.

It’s not in the article, but it makes me wonder if this weight struggle continues in future years if “pound per paint” will be a part of some teams’ negotiations with sponsors. Sponsor logos probably doesn’t save very much at all, but it could be fun to think about teams wanting as much income for every ounce of logo on the car. Taking less money to be able to have a different sized logo could in some situations be better for the team.

But, the most interesting thing in the article were Toto’s quotes about his team.

Aston Martin Has a Long Road Ahead

If you watched the Bahrain GP, you know the Aston Martin team isn’t off to a good start.

There’s some hope, but a LOT of team-specific challenges that are going to make this a different uphill battle from what others are facing.

I won’t try to summarize, and it’s a longer article, but worth reading to get an idea of what’s ahead.

Safety Car Unlapping Rules Still Wrong?

Major changes were made to the unlapping of cars under safety car for the 2022 season. I think it had something to do with the Abu Dhabi GP at the end of last season, but it could be unrelated.

Regardless, Alex Albon thinks they need to be changed again.

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