Ricciardo Could Have Been P5

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo finished P5 and P6, respectively. That’s by far the best finish for the team this season. And, with how the constructors is going—Mercedes on the back foot, Red Bull only having two cars scoring points once—there’s a lot of money available to grab for McLaren.

But, Ricciardo could’ve finished ahead of his teammate as Norris was doing everything possible to conserve fuel in the last stages of the race. He lifted and coasted so much that he lost six seconds in the final three laps alone.

Danny Ric was told there was an issue and to not put pressure on Lando, which he did—maybe he’ll see this as payback for the team telling Lando to stay in P2 behind Danny in Monza.

But, RaceFans has a tidbit from Lando saying what they unlocked from the car, and how much better this car would fare if it raced at Bahrain today.

A Podium Ceremony to Remember

Autosport has a report of a podium ceremony you may have seen video of already. But imagine seeing it live.

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