McLaren Starts Trend and Then Criticizes It

Not breaking news, but The Race has a really interesting write up about how McLaren used to run versus now.

Currently, they’re going public with criticism against “customer B teams” where a team is getting perks like a lower price on engines or gearboxes in exchange for sharing data of their performance.

But before, their mindset was different.

Pre-DTS, but still an interesting look at how things “used to be”.

Porpoising Hurting Ferrari But Not Mercedes?

In races, you’ve probably noticed the porpoising problem that’s hitting a lot of the grid.

The Red Bull doesn’t seem to have that problem (they’ve got 99 problems, but porpoising isn’t one), and it’s not a problem for the Ferrari either. But the Red Bull isn’t bouncing up and down at all, while the Ferrari looks like a concussion waiting to happen on every straight.

But why can the Ferrari have porpoising and be fast, but Mercedes have porpoising and go so slow?

We Have to Talk About Ferrari

Ferrari has been fast, to say the least. In all 3 rounds, they’ve been the class of the grid—but sometimes all that means is that your car didn’t catch on fire.

What’s the main reason for their pace and already locking up both championships (joking…sort of)?

The Race identified one development concept that’s underpinning Ferrari’s success.

What Will Red Bull Upgrade at Imola?

Red Bull is in a knife fight with Ferrari, and having difficulty not dying by reliability paper cuts.

We know they need to have made changes to increase reliability so that their cars, you know…finish the race.

But will they also bring an upgrade to the car and increase their pace and close in on the red car?

Alpine Back?

The past few years, nay the entire Drive to Survive era, the Renault/Alpine power unit has been not great/good/[positive adjective of your choice]. Case in point, they’re the only engine manufacturer without another team using their engine. Teams are running away from it.

But, now, team principle Omar Szafnauer tells Autosport their engine is getting better and has the facts to prove it.

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