Mercedes Eliminates One Cause of Problematic Season

The W13 is porpoising more than maybe any other car on the grid. It’s definitely hampered the most by the bouncing, unable to ride low enough to take advantage of their aerodynamic concept.

Ask eight insiders for the cause of Mercedes’ snakebitten concept and season, and you’ll get nine answers (someone will hedge and give two answers).

Toto Wolff doesn’t know the answer to their problems, but he believes he can cross one cause off the list.

VW Group Confirms Entry Into F1

After months (years?) of speculation, the Volkswagen auto group is entering Formula 1 with its Audi and Porsche brands.

But one brand has more work to do than the other.

Latifi: Yeah, I know

Nicholas Latifi might not know that he’s the second Williams driver—he’s definitely aware he’s the more expensive of the two. But, there’s one thing even he will admit when looking at his season versus Alex Albon’s.

Hamilton Can Still Impact Car and Team

Seven-time champion was lapped during the Grand Prix in Imola last week. But, he can still influence the car and team through small actions and decisions.

VW Group enters F1, Might Look to This Team For Blueprint

Audi and Porsche from the Volkswagen group are entering Formula 1. But, what their respective entries and relationships with teams will look like is a mystery—maybe even to Audi and Porsche themselves.

But, as they look for an example, they probably look at one team as an example of what they want to end up looking like.

BREAKING: Alex Albon and George Russell Are Not Same Person

The results for Williams looks positive, scoring points early in this season thanks to a gutsy strategy in Australia. But, even though they look to be getting on top of their concept and issues—there was one thing they had to figure out:

A new driver. It turns out that when they signed Alex Albon after George Russell’s departure, he would be a different driver and person. Who knew?

Ricciardo Still Wants This One Thing

Danny Ric will tell you that the cars are able to race much closer than last year, and that’s a wonderful thing.

But, that doesn’t mean that everything can change. Imola showed why there’s still one thing out there that Danny wants to keep on his car.

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