5.2.22 Briefing

Mercedes Eliminates One Cause of Problematic Season The W13 is porpoising more than maybe any other car on the grid. It’s definitely hampered the most by the bouncing, unable to ride low enough to take advantage of their aerodynamic concept. Ask eight insiders for the cause of Mercedes’ snakebitten concept and season, and you’ll get […]

4.25.22 Briefing

Imola a Glimpse of What’s to Come for Merc? Imola may have looked like what’s becoming the “new normal”: Mercedes fighting to be the third best car on the grid in ideal conditions. This weekend, they weren’t, so George’s P4 was subject to some luck and retirements. Likewise, Hamilton’s P14 wasn’t truly indicative. P6-P8 is […]

4.18.22 Briefing

McLaren Starts Trend and Then Criticizes It Not breaking news, but The Race has a really interesting write up about how McLaren used to run versus now. Currently, they’re going public with criticism against “customer B teams” where a team is getting perks like a lower price on engines or gearboxes in exchange for sharing […]

4.14.22 Briefing

From Worst to First In last Formula 1 season before Drive To Survive, the Honda engine was terrible. McLaren routinely started at the back of the grid because of engine replacements and performance issues. It made the Renault engine look like a solid performer. With the knowledge and perspective we weren’t given in season 1, […]

4.11.22 Briefing

Ricciardo Could Have Been P5 Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo finished P5 and P6, respectively. That’s by far the best finish for the team this season. And, with how the constructors is going—Mercedes on the back foot, Red Bull only having two cars scoring points once—there’s a lot of money available to grab for McLaren. […]

4.4.22 Briefing

First For Australian GP, First For F1 The Melbourne circuit has undergone major re-profiling since the last Australian Grand Prix held at the venue in 2019, with a focus on improving overtaking. The improvements were started long before we saw how good the 2022 cars are at following and overtaking, so hopefully it’ll produce even […]

3.28.22 Briefing

Mick’s Body and Gene’s Wallet Paying for Saturday Crash When Mick Schumacher went into the wall during Q2 on Saturday, it didn’t just put a dent in his Sunday (and season) points-scoring prospects, he really hurt the team’s development chances. Because of the cost cap, teams have a set season-long limit on what they can […]

3.23.22 Briefing

Max Verstappen On Next Season’s Drive to Survive? Did you miss the world champion in season 4 of Drive to Survive? Did you even notice he wasn’t in it? He told media that he wasn’t going to be featured in season 4 of the Netflix show because he didn’t like the “fake drama” the show […]

3.22.22 Briefing

Jeddah Expected to Cause Problems Again This Year We’re not fans of the racing at Jeddah—the track looks awesome and high speed is fun to watch. But, the layout—a combination of street circuit and race track—made for a lot of issues in the first Grand Prix there in 2021. In addition to multiple crashes and […]

3.7.22 Roundup

Tires Chosen for First Three Rounds Pirelli chooses what three tire compounds are brought to each Grand Prix. They’re always called “Soft”, “Medium”, and “Hard”—but they’re not always the same tire. Pirelli numbers them C1 (hardest) to C5 (softest) and chooses three of those for each race. For Round 1 in Bahrain, the tires will […]