Episode 16: Imola Grand Prix

We aren’t going to use the full name of this Grand Prix because it’d take too long to say or type. It took place in Imola, and it was wet…and exciting? In addtion to the race: Did Red Bull put everyone on alert for the rest of the season? Is Sainz done?  And, they’re doing […]

Episode 15: Australian Grand Prix

That race wasn’t horrible, but we’re not sure it was worth the pot of coffee it took to stay up and watch it live, either.  We talk about:  Which driver the media might be turning on  What was the fluid coming out of the Red Bull Which driver/team stock are we buying/selling/holding for the future? […]

Episode 14: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

That was a boring race…until it wasn’t.  Checo gets hosed by luck, but we get more confirmation that these 2022 cars can race each other. All the way down to a fantastic last-meter finish.  We gripe about Safety Car luck, TV direction, graphics on the screen, and pick who we’d bet $100 to win the […]

Episode 13: Bahrain GP

WHAT IS HAPPENING?!  Ferrari is fast? The Red Bulls are assembled like Ikea furniture? The quick white car is a…HAAS?!  The Bahrain Grand Prix was a hell of a season opener. We had sparks. Some teams’ strategy earned them points, and others were “like putting your hand in a toilet”.  We unpack Ferrari’s success, Red […]

Episode 12: Race 101

If you’ve caught up on Drive to Survive and are pumped to start watching one of your first Grand Prix, this is the episode for you.  It has everything you need to know (and Netflix doesn’t tell you) to enjoy the race. After listening, you won’t have to pause the race and ask “what does […]

Episode 10: Drive To Survive Review (S1 E5-8)

Sara and Ryan continue the reviews of the OG Drive to Survive. Looking at the differences and shocking similarities of Force India and McLaren. Wondering if Gunter is a good leader. Should Alfa Romeo become the F1 scout team? We probably said we hated your favorite episode, so defend it or ask questions: email: thatsp1podcast@gmail.com […]

Episode 9 – Drive to Survive S1 Episode 1-4 Review

The show that started it all…in America. Drive to Survive is what got us into Formula 1, and we’re talking about every episode.  In this pod about first four episodes:  We laugh that apparently there was a year Haas wasn’t garbage.  Practice? You talking about practice? Christian Horner thinks he’s Bond…but really he’s the Bond […]

Episode 7: Saudia Arabian Grand Prix

Well…that happened. Many drivers, media, people, etc. were concerned about how a GP would work on a street track where 80% of the lap is at full throttle. We found the answer quickly: not well.  Ryan and Sara discuss the red flags, accidents, Max’s offs, and yeah, THAT accident.  Did Max break check Lewis? Can […]