Episode 6: Qatar Grand Prix

The Qatar Grand Prix…happened. But neither Sara nor Ryan thought it was actually exciting.  They discuss the penalty Max got in quali, the four or five things that happened in the race. As well as: Is Red Bull screwing Checo over? Do they have parade routes in England?  Will the driver who most deserves the […]

Episode 5: Brazilian/Interlagos GP

We continue to throw out everything we think we know. The Red Bull stronghold in South America just got torched to the ground by Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.  Sara and Ryan talk about how this happened, why Hamilton’s two penalties didn’t affect him, what “Interlagos” means in English…and Ryan starts mapping out Mercedes’ parade route. 

Episode 4: Mexico City GP

Do NOT call it the Mexico GP. Apparently the FIA wants to go with city names, but it doesn’t matter–this was the Checo GP.  Sara and Ryan talk all things Checo, Checo’s dad, why altitude matters, and if Mercedes can do anything to stop the bleeding. 

Episode 3: United States GP

Ryan and Sara talk about the first GP on this side of the Atlantic in two years–and Ryan’s first GP in person ever. Were the crowds as big as it looked?  Worth going to a GP in person? How did Max pull that off on a “Mercedes track”?

Episode 1: Dutch Grand Prix

“That’s P1!”, the phrase every driver wants to hear at the end of a race…and it’s also the name of our podcast. Ryan and Sara talk about the Dutch Grand Prix, who screwed up their race, and who has the brightest future the rest of this season and beyond.  Email the pod at thatsp1podcast@gmail.com.